Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bloom, baby.

I love ranunculus. I discovered my appreciation for the round blossoms and tightly packed petals earlier this spring when I spotted some at Trader Joe’s for a mere $3.99. I liked them even more when I considered they might kind of be like a cheaper version of the super-trendy peony. My husband, however, wasn’t too confident that ranunculus were the best choice when he saw the mess of green buds I had thrown in the cart. I told him to trust me—they soon would be beautiful flowers.

Sure enough, a few days later, those petals stretched their little petally heads and blossomed, transforming into what I thought was the best centerpiece our dining table had seen yet, and Nick had to admit I was right. The way those velvety stems bent and swayed to display their proud petals was just the cutest thing.  They only needed a little water and some time to bloom up.

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is that people can be kind of like flowers: we bloom at different times. Here's a potentially comical example: I was a bit of a “late bloomer” when it came to size. As a freshman in high school, I measured up to a whopping 4’ 9¾”. I don’t know if you’ve looked at a yardstick lately, but that is really short. Like, maybe-something’s-wrong-with-this-kid short. I dealt with being one of the smallest kids in my class for years, until life finally caught up with me in late high school / early college and I hit a growth spurt. I now stand at an extremely average height of 5’ 4”, which I’m terribly proud of. I can reach just about any item that anyone else my height can in the grocery store. Nothing was wrong with me as a kid, I just needed a little extra time and patience to bloom upwards.

My point is this: some people just need a little extra time for certain aspects of who they are to bloom. Let’s move away from physical attributes, here (that could get weird). I’m talking about a person’s characteristics, their passions—the things that get them excited. Let me spell it out in a way I know most of you twenty-somethings can relate to: not everyone who shakes the hand of their university president and walks off the stage with a degree knows what they want to do with the rest of their life. They might not even realize what they are really good at. It usually takes some time for life to coax those things out of them. I’m a great example of this, actually; I graduated from college in 2011, but I am only now realizing that what I really want to do is write. And this whole visual art endeavor is something that just bloomed into existence over the last few months.

Because of this, you really can’t put it past other people to bloom; perhaps, they only need more time and some encouragement. Just think, maybe that guy who you say will never be a family man is going to blossom into an amazing dad one day. Perhaps, your non-committal friend who can’t seem to pick a career is going to find her niche soon and really take off. Don’t put it past them. How much better would it be if you would, instead, encourage them: Bloom, baby!

Here’s the catch: this applies to you, too. Don’t put it past yourself; maybe, just maybe, there are things in your heart about to bloom. Usually, they begin as tiny buds—thoughts or ideas that are “just not practical” or “too risky” to put into action. Maybe it’s something you know you are good at, but have decided to put on the back burner until it makes more financial sense.

So, I want to help coax those things out of you. That creative streak in you? Bloom, baby. That compassion you have for the homeless in your city? Bloom, baby. That idea that’s been just bouncing around the inside of your skull for the last year? DO IT. Try it. BLOSSOM. I’m sure it will become a beautiful sight, and the rest of us will have to admit you make the best centerpiece around.

The above photographs document the progress of a piece I’ve been working on over the last few days called “Bloom, baby.” The first two were taken by my sister Heidi, who came over yesterday afternoon to document my work. We had a really fun time, and I’ll share more of those images with you in a later post.  The third image is a picture of the finished product, a 6” x 6” pen & watercolor depicting a bunch of ranunculus in a Ball mason jar vase. 

Click here to view "Bloom, baby" in my Etsy shop. 

Thank you for all of your support. Much love. 


  1. I love this! What a great perspective and attitude!

  2. I love your blog, your mind, your "anna taylor' signature with the feather, the drawings,, you are blooming!

  3. I love your thoughts on blooming, your perspective is so wonderful and so encouraging. Your drawings are so lovely, Anna! I look forward to what you will be sharing in the future!

  4. I just read this out loud to Chris with my voice cracking JUST A LITTLE and I am maybe 100% certain I need to buy this when your Etsy shop opens.

  5. Beautiful! You have such a precious way of doing & saying Ms Anna!!!

  6. Beautiful, Anna :) I love your combination of words and pictures!

  7. fabulous! Can't wait to see your etsy account :)

  8. I love this, Anna. :) Very very encouraging. :)