Monday, May 4, 2015

COLD BREW with CREAM // Summers in Seattle

Summers in Seattle are THE BEST.

Have you heard? If you haven't, ask any long-term resident of the city to tell you about the weather in Seattle. "Does it really rain year round?" you might ask.  "No!" your Seattle Expert will gush, "That's all a big hullabaloo. Sure, winters are wet and dreary. But--starting July 5th--Seattle has THE ABSOLUTE BEST SUMMERS IN THE WORLD!" And then your Expert will tell you all about the perfect, balmy, 75 degree days through late September, the sunsets at 10 pm, the lakes and beaches and bonfire pits, the parks and farmers markets, and a million day trips out of the city, each just a short drive or ferry ride away.

I'm not kidding; you will get this sort of extreme reaction if you ask the right person (note: I am an example of the Right Person. Also, any barista ever).

Speaking of baristas: Coffee. One of the great things about summer in Seattle, and I suppose summer anywhere, is iced coffee. And one of the greatest things that this decade has produced thus far is Cold Brew. That first cold brew of the season tastes like summer. It's so smooth that it doesn't need any sugar, but it does call (in my humble opinion) for a splash of cream.

Since I've proven to be highly unskilled at capturing that beautiful swirl of cream with my iPhone, I decided to try and paint it, and here's the result. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed painting it.
Prints available here:
COLD BREW with Cream - Archival Watercolor and Calligraphy Print - 8" x 8" Square


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